Fish Quality Control Labs in Kenya

Kisumu, Mombasa y Nairobi

Project date: August 2015
Builded surface: 1200 m2

Fishing is one of the main activities of Kenya. The proyect is a remodeling and two new buildings, all of them are Analysis Laboratories for Fish. They sellect fish samples to be analyzed chemically, sensory and microbiologically.

A sustainable and functional construction, with an special care for circulations where samples must go through for analysis, these are the basic conditions of the three buildings. Each one located in a part of the African country: Kisumu, on the coast of Lake Victoria; Nairobi, the capital and Mombasa, the main port of Africa, on the Indian coast.


Each laboratory has a:

  • Chemical Laboratory
  • Sensory Laboratory
  • Microbiology Laboratory


State Department of Fisheries

Project Editors:
• BEAM Solutions S.L

• Architecture, Lahoz López Architects: Ramón Lahoz Rodríguez, María Amor Arroyo Sánchez, Juan Alonso Agujeta, Silvia San Martín Sanz, Edurne Sánchez and José A. Carrasco Rodríguez
• ACE Business Group Engineering: Rubén Romano Rico

Makiber, Dragados Industrial.