10 semi-detached houses in Boadilla del Monte

Boadilla del Monte, Madrid

Date Project: January 2003
Construction: March 2005
Builded surface: 2.500 m2

The project consists of the construction of 10 high-level single-family homes located in a residential town near Madrid.

The houses are very suitable for families with children. On the floor at ground level the common spaces, kitchen and living room open to the garden are distributed. The intermediate floor has the private bedrooms and the upper floor is an open space under a multipurpose roof that allows you to share a play, study or work area. The basement has capacity for two vehicles and has storage space and facilities.

The houses are composed as a set of volumes of brick, slate, glass and zinc on the roof.


10 houses of 250 m2 on a private plot of 100 m2


Procolsa Constructions SA

Ramón Lahoz Rodríguez and Natalia López Matesanz

Project management:
Ramon Lahoz Rodriguez

Work Execution Direction:
Alberto Lahoz Rodriguez

Constructions Lahoz Soto, SA

Ignacio Cordero Fort