Residential Building in Lima


Project Date: February 2014
Builded surface: 906,78 m2

Building made up of blocks of 8 homes and 4 surface parking spaces located in the district of San Vicente de Cañete, Lima. Economically accessible for large sectors of the population, simple construction but with a modern and attractive image, always seeking energy savings and rationality in the distribution of spaces.

The houses located on the ground floor have one bedroom and those on the upper levels have two. The project is resolved through light wells strategically arranged to solve the existing disproportion between the fronts and the back of the lot, so as to obtain the greatest possible use of space. The design criteria lead us to orient the day areas, dining room and kitchen, on the fronts, looking for lighting and exterior views. On the contrary, the night areas, bedrooms, are located around the patios.

The vocation of the project is to become an architectural reference capable of generating a flexible and repeatable typology to configure a true urban fabric that contributes decisively to the orderly development of the population. In addition, it is intended to attract investment to the district by promoting social and community activities, and creating a healthy environment with adequate health and citizen safety conditions.

The structure is resolved with reinforced concrete dividing walls, thus achieving an open plan and creating a rigid complex with high resistance to earthquakes. The enclosures are brick and painted with bright colors.

In addition to the planned facilities, passive criteria will be used to improve the comfort of the building’s occupants and reduce energy expenditure, thus respecting the environment.


Homes (8): 631.78 m2
Parking spaces (4): 52 m2
Interior patios (2): 40.80 m2



BEAM Solutions. Lahoz López


Ramón Lahoz Rodríguez and Luís Marcos Díaz

Sara Perez Alvarez