16 single-family homes in Palazuelos del Eresma


Project Date: May 2013
Construction: Decembre 2017
Building Surface: 2080 m2

16 semi-detached houses located in the vicinity of the city of Segovia, with a simple, traditional and moderate-cost construction, without sacrificing spatial quality, functionality, comfort and a clear image.
The design criteria adopted lead us to orient the day areas of the house, living-dining room-kitchen towards the Southeast, communicated with each other, diaphanous and open to the garden, seeking the sun, protecting themselves from the cold climate of Segovia, with different operation depending on of the time of year.
In contrast, the night areas, bedrooms, are oriented to the Northwest with greater privacy and with smaller openings. On the upper floor we set up a multipurpose space under the sloping roof, also oriented to the South that allows the family to enjoy a play area, work, study or bedroom, according to their needs.
The enclosures, both walls and sloping roofs, are multi-layered, made up of the necessary elements to configure comfortable spaces, the exposed brick walls are built with different types of materials and the roofs finished in ceramic tiles, with internal views towards the ground floor living room and the multipurpose space. Traditional materials used characteristic of the area used in a modern way.
The houses manage to achieve adequate conditions of thermal and acoustic comfort due to the configuration of their enclosures and openings and have a solar contribution system, seeking optimal energy efficiency.


Useful surface:

  • Child education classrooms (5+1): 434 m2
  • Classrooms Primary education (14+5): 1.438 m2
  • Common services: 503 m2
  • Sports Hall: 673 m2
  • Administration: 139 m2
  • General services: 91 m2
  • Urbanization(1 sports court): 5.029 m2


Haza Grande sl

Ramon Lahoz Rodriguez
Natalia Lopez Matesanz

Project collaborator:
Maria Amor Arroyo Sanchez