Competition G. Salesi Mother and Child Hospital

Torrette, Ancona, Italia

Project date: March 2011
Builded surface: 23.050 m2

New Salesi Hospital must be a modal in mother and child attention, therefore it will have its strong proper personality, nice for the children and efficient in the medical activity, but we must not forget either that it belongs to a great hospital complex. Taking these premises into account, we propose a tidy growth, which promotes the harmony of the whole.

So, abstracting the existing typology, we project three parallel bands to the principal street, with interior courts that they characterize and illuminate the new building, wich joins perfectly with the previous structure, and allows a right connection, both in emergencies and in the low floor with radiology.


Inpatients units (184): 6,377 m2
• 1 Short state (15 boxes): 398 m2
• 1 day surgery (15 boxes): 372 m2
• 1 neonatology unit (24 posts): 367 m2
• 2 paediatrics (25 beds): 2,147 m2
• 2 obstetrics (24 beds): 1,867 m2
• 2 critical (16 boxes): 737 m2
• Common: 488 m2

Diagnosis (1MRI+ 2CT+11XR+8US): 3,710 m2
Outpatients services: 3,662 m2
Emergency: 1,357 m2
Surgical unit (6 operating theatres): 907 m2
Labour Ward (6 obstetric theatres): 753 m2
Research (6 laboratories): 1,366 m2
Non sanitarian services: 4,924 m2
Installations: 1,953 m2


“Regione Marche” National Health Service

• Lahoz López Arquitectos: Ramón Lahoz Rodríguez and Natalia López Matesanz
• Piano B Architetti Associati: Davide Paterna and Fabio De Carolis

María Amor Arroyo Sanchez, Luis Marcos Díaz, Andreina Linares Jaua, Beatriz Gonzalez Jiménez, José Antonio Carrasco Rodríguez and Alicia Arnuero Martínez

Installation Engineer:
Ingho FM, SL and 3TI Progetti Italia Ingegneria Integrata, SPA