Tres Mares High Resolution Hospital

Reinosa, Cantabria

Date project: July 2005
Work: July 2010
Builded surface: 11.773 m2

The strict resolution of the functioning of a High-Resolution Hospital of great medical specialization as that of “Tres Mares” in Reinosa, leads us to develop a horizontal building with a human scale, which is inserted into its privileged surroundings.

The volumes are situated in the terrain, in such a way that glass façades open on to the South, for maximum sun exposure in order to further develope a warm and confortable area for the patient, whilts the clinical areas are positioned to the North for great intimacy, so that natural light and views accompany the users.


1 short state Inpatients unit (40 beds): 1,239 m2
Outpatients services: 999 m2
Radiology (1MRI+1CT+2XR+1US): 406 m2
Emergency: 795 m2
Surgical unit (2 operating theatres): 715 m2
Central services: 353 m2
Physical Therapy: 511 m2
Admission: 1,387 m2
Administration: 395 m2
General services: 998 m2
Installations: 1,670 m2
Car Park: 2,313 m2


Servicio Cántabro de Salud

Ramón Lahoz Rodríguez, Natalia López Matesanz and Manuel Pérez Hernández

Jokine Crespo Arbisu, Nuria Martínez Salas, Luis Marcos Díaz, Alicia Arnuero Martínez, Ana Valenzuela, Alexandra Von Uckermann, Iñaki Sánchez Simón and Carolina Gonzalez García

Construction Site Management:
Ramón Lahoz Rodríguez

Construction Management:
Jose A. Carrasco Rodríguez

Structure Engineer:
Facto, SL

Installation Engineer:
Ingho FM, SL

Construction Company:
UTE: Ferrovial/Emilio Bolado

Javier Azurmendi
Lahoz López