Medical Equipment Project of King Fahad Medical City


Project date: April 2014
Builded surface: 234.102 m2

The King Fahad Medical City (KFMC) is a hospital campus situated in the Centre of Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The existing hospital buildings were constructed during the 1990’s. KFMC proposes the construction of new medical centers on the current campus to increase and integrate with the existing facilities. This is a large and ambitious project of approximately 234,000m2 GFA (510 beds), that will provide specialist services needs to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia community. The PPNNCC, as it is referred, is an important and prestigious development that has been created by Royal Decree and demands high quality international standard fixtures, equipment and finishes.

We have collaborated in this ambitious project in the planning of the medical equipment along with ACE Business group and INGHO fm consultants. It is a center of high specialization in neuroscience, cardiology and especially in the comprehensive cancer and proton therapy center.


510 Beds
5 Linear Accelerator of Radiotherapy
4 Gantrys of Prontonterapia
10 Operating theatres (2 with resonance, 2 with CT)


Ministry of Health. Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Technical Assistance:
• BEAM Solutions S.L

• Architecture, Lahoz López Arquitectos: Ramón Lahoz Rodríguez, Natalia López Matesanz, María Amor Arroyo Sánchez, Juan Alonso Agujetas and Edurne Sánchez Salcedo
• Engineering, Ace Business Group + INGHO FM, S.L: Rubén Romano Rico and Oscar Medina