ICDEA offices, Audiovisual Innovation Center


Project date: October 2009
Builded surface: 2.956 m2

The city of Cuenca grows towards the river, and there is a focus of services in the place in which the ICDEA building will be placed, which will be the most advanced technological center of the city.

The project wants to be simple in its forms and distributions, in order to be easily adaptable to any use or future change. This idea is supported by a rational and economic constructive logic. So, more than a complicated geometry, difficult for being transformed, our design, establishes the rules of a diaphanous, divisible system, which does not have any technical or spatial limitation, in its facilities or structure.


Exhibitions hall: 1089 m2
Offices: 337 m2
Digital training: 509 m2
Business incubators: 509 m2
Digitalization center: 509 m2
Car park: 1280 m2

Outer area: 1426 m2


Cuenca County Commission

• Herreros Arquitectos, SLP: Juan Herreros Guerra
• Lahoz López Arquitectos, SLP: Ramón Lahoz Rodríguez and Natalia López Matesanz

Luis Marcos Díaz, María Amor Arroyo Sanchez, Beatriz González Jiménez, Andreina Linares Jaua and Gonzalo Valiente