Third Level Trinidad Hospital

Trinidad, Bolivia

Project date: September 2016
Builded surface: 22.267,52 m2

Trinidad Hospital is framed in the health policies that it has been developing since 2006, the Plurinational State of Bolivia to contribute to the
eradication of extreme poverty with universal access to health.

It is a third level hospital with 200 beds, 5 operating rooms,
emergency unit, intensive care unit, day hospitals, areas
of diagnosis and clinical support.

The building is organized as a large two-levels basement that is divided
in three programmatic bands. Two narrower to north and south, which will house
public and service uses, respectively. And an intermediate, of bigger
dimension and in which the clinical areas will be located


Hospitalization (205 beds): 4,730 m2
• Hosp. Internal Med. (95 beds): 2,079 m2
• Hosp. of Traumatology (31 beds): 711 m2
• Hosp. of Surgery (29 beds): 665 m2
• Hosp. of Infections (30 beds): 663 m2
• Critics Unit (20 beds): 611 m2

Méd-Quir Day Hospital. (18 seats): 560 m2
Oncology Day Hospital (20 seats): 634 m2
Ambulatory area: 1,200 m2
(1TAC + 1 Fluoroscopy + 1RX + 1 Mammograph
+ 1 Echograph): 390 m2
(1 Linear Accelerator +
1Braquiterapia): 328 m2
Emergency: 803 m2
Surgical area (5 operating rooms): 862m2
Rehabilitation: 420 m2
Dialysis (8 seats): 330 m2
Admission: 340 m2
Administration: 260 m2
General services: 1,390 m2
Facilities: 3,600 m2
Parking and outdoor: 14,719 m2


Ministry of Health of Bolivia

Authors of the Architecture and Structure project:
Ramón Lahoz Rodríguez and Natalia López Matesanz (Lahoz López Arquitectos slp)

Author of the Engineering and Facilities project:
Ingho FM, sl, Manuel Gallardo Salvador

Project coordinator: María Amor Arroyo Sánchez (Lahoz López Arquitectos slp)

Lahoz López architects work team:
Alicia Ayala, Javier Castaño, Lorena Cámara, Luca Soccio

Elevolution Engenharia