Residential building in Valdebebas, Madrid


Project date: May 2015
Construction: September 2019
Builded surface: 21510 m2

The Valdebebas regulations promote an urban model that encourages activity on the street. The confluence of different activities is favored, as happens in consolidated urban centers, complementing each other and trying to generate activity in the city at all hours of the day.
In this way, the implementation of different uses within the same building is proposed, integrating the uses of collective housing, commercial premises and offices into our plots. The arrangement of these different uses with specific schedules and requirements, so that they can function without interference, is one of the starting points of the project.
For this, a first separation of uses is carried out in the project, leaving the first two levels of the building (level 0 and 1) to generate a basement for commercial premises, offices, access porch to homes and exterior urbanization, allocating the levels of 2 to 8 only to homes.


Households (76): 9445 m2
Parking spaces (272): 7596 m2
Commercial: 1790 m2
Offices (10): 827 m2


Living in Valdebebas

Drafting architects:
Ramon Lahoz Rodriguez
Natalia Lopez Matesanz
Abelardo Montero Lancho

Work direction:
Ramon Lahoz Rodriguez
Abelardo Montero Lancho

Works Execution Department:
Sergio Lahoz Rodriguez
Jose Antonio Carrasco

Ingho facility management
Manuel Gallardo Salvador

Construction company:

Architecture collaborators:
Juan Alonso Agujetas
Edurne Sanchez
Silvia Martin
Maria Amor Arroyo Sanchez