Building with 30 homes and offices in Atocha


Date Project: February 1997
Construction: February 1999
Builded surface: 4.572 m2

The building is located in front of the Atocha station in the center of Madrid, in an area of ​​industrial origin.

One of the objectives of the project was to design homes of different types that would allow adaptation to the different family units, from 1 single inhabitant to families with several children.

Another of the starting points was the use of the exterior spaces, so that each owner could enjoy a private terrace and also use the interior patio over the underground car park with common areas for living, games and swimming pools, a privilege that It is not very common in the city center.


  • Homes (30): 2.473 m2
  • Garages: 1.145 m2
  • Storages rooms: 304 m2
  • Offices: 650 m2
  • Urbanization: 1.100 m2