Health Center

Villanueva de la Fuente, Ciudad Real

Project date: November 2005
Work: January 2009
Builded surface: 1.513 m2

They proposed to us the expansion of a small clinic, in Villanueva de la Fuente, to convert it in a primary care centre, equipped with: general consultations, dentistry, paediatrics, rehabilitation and urgent care.

We planned to build a second volume parallel to the existing one, with similar proportions and on the ground floor, an enveloping element as a connection between them. By doing this way, we included the initial piece in the proposal, which became part of the building, not an addition.


Outpatients clinic: 815 m2
Emergency: 308 m2
General services: 228 m2
Physical Therapy: 161 m2


SESCAM, Servicio de Salud de Castilla La Mancha

Ramón Lahoz Rodríguez and Natalia López Matesanz

Jokine Crespo Garbisu, Nuria Martínez Salas, Alicia Arnuero Martínez and Carolina González García

Construction Site Management:
Ramón Lahoz Rodríguez and Luis Marcos Díaz

Construction Management:
Jose A. Carrasco Rodríguez

Installation Engineer:
CIP consulting

Construction Company:
Sustratal, SL

Beatriz Gonzalez Jiménez and Mª Amor Arroyo Sánchez