Building with 47 apartments in Boadilla

Boadilla del Monte, Madrid

Project Date: February 2003
Construction: July 2006
Builded Surface: 12.996 m2

It is an open block of high-end homes located in a residential town close to Madrid, with 47 spacious 3- and 4-bedroom homes, all of them with terraces, suitable for family units with children.

On the lower level, in contact with the street, the building is occupied with commercial premises, while inside there is an open porch towards the private urbanization, equipped with common leisure areas. It has 2 basements for garage and storage rooms.

The facades are composed as a set of volumes of brick, slate, glass and zinc on the roof.


Useful surfaces:

  • Homes (47): 6,446 m2
  • Commercial premises: 1,268 m2
  • Storage rooms: 1,013 m2
  • Car parks: 4,269 m2
  • Common areas: 3,000 m2


Procolsa Constructions, SA

Ramón Lahoz Rodríguez and Natalia López Matesanz

Project management:
Ramon Lahoz Rodriguez

Work Execution Direction:
Sergio Lahoz Rodriguez

Constructions Lahoz Soto, SA

ignacio cordero