Competition New University Hospital of Cuenca


Project date: November 2008
Builded surface: 86.931 m2

New hospital of Cuenca, The hospital chooses to be located on the slope, on its lowest part, substantially parallel to the road that runs along its Northern boundary and accept the topography as a configuration of a basement that is deformed following the contour lines in which the generic hospital programs are arranged.

On this podium, that occupies two extensive floors, four specialized volumes of exact dimensions, orientation, and configuration emerge. Two of them host hospitalizations: General and mother and child; the third contains the Service of Psychiatry and the fourth contains Administrative and Training facilites.

In turn, these prisms are linked by a longitudinal structure containing the special hospitalisations (ICUs) and laboratories on its main floor, operating as technical plant and premises of staff on the lower floor, which gives this structure a logistical nexus character of the entire health care programme.


Inpatients units (796): 24,609 m2
• 16 inpatients units (38 beds): 16,890 m2
• 1 Obstretrics (36 beds): 1,114 m2
• 1 Paediatrics (40 beds): 1,291 m2
• 3 Neonatology (8+12+20 beds): 1,122 m2
• 3 Psiquiatrics (48 beds): 1,551 m2
• 3 critical (8 beds): 2,551 m2
• 1 prisioners: 130 m2

Outpatients units: 15,403 m2
Emergency: 2,718 3,589 m2
Surgical A. (13oper.+3 delivery theatre): 3,589 m2
Radiology (1MRI+2CT+6XR+5US): 2,993 m2
Central services: 4,507 m2
Physical Therapy: 1,356 m2
Users attention: 966 m2
Training and research: 1,776 m2
Administration: 1,803 m2
General services: 13,203 m2
Users services: 2,022 m2
Car Park: 30,000 m2


SESCAM, Servicio de Salud de Castilla La-Mancha

• Herreros Arquitectos, SLP: Juan Herreros Guerra
• Planho Consultores, SLP: Emiliano Rodríguez Jiménez
• Lahoz López Arquitectos, SLP: Ramón Lahoz Rodríguez and Natalia López Matesanz

Luis Marcos Díaz, Mª Amor Arroyo Sánchez, Beatriz Gonzalez Jiménez, Andreina Linares Jaua, Lucía Masiá Cabañes, Inmaculada Martín Portugués and Silvia Díez Daglio

Installation Engineer:
Ingho FM, SL

Fabiana Arrigoni Pahl