José Mª del Moral Primary School

Tomelloso, Ciudad Real

Project date: February 2006
Work: December 2006
Builded surface: 4.387 m2

The building is a school of six units of early childhood and primary education, the classroom focuses towards the southern side and relates to the outdoor spaces through a longitudinal system of straight staircases.

We use light and colour as the configurations of interior spaces. The constructive system is simple, economic, strictly modulated and of fast execution.


Net areas:
• Nursery classrooms (6+1): 490 m2
• Primary classrooms (8+9): 1,179 m2
• Dining hall: 288 m2
• Sports hall: 1,061 m2
• Administration: 159 m2
• General services: 59 m2
• Outer area (1 court): 5,003 m2


Consejería de Educación de Castilla-La Mancha

Ramón Lahoz Rodríguez and Natalia López Matesanz

Luis Marcos Díaz, Marta Rodríguez Fernández, Nuria Martínez Salas, Jokine Crespo Arbisu and Alicia Arnuero Martínez

Installation Engineer:
Antonio Calero

Construction Company:
Construcciones Lahoz Soto, SA

Beatriz González Jiménez