Extension of the Hospital Costa del Sol

Marbella, Málaga

Date project: April 2021
Builded surface: 68.261,90 m2

The Hospital Costa del Sol, is a reference hospital in Andalusia, located 7 km east of Marbella, which has been running since 1993. In 2008 an extension process began and was paralyzed for several reasons with the work started in 2010. To restart the works a new project is developed detailing the current state and adapted to new functional, technical and economical needs that have suffered changes during the development of this process.

The reform and extension will involve the incorporation of 68.261,90 m2 to the hospital facilities.


Floor area:
• Extension: 61.748 m2
• Reform: 6.513 m2
• Total extension hospital complex: 113.542,78 m2

Special hospitalisation: 7.089,72 m2
Outpatient areas: 11.723,59 m2
Surgical block: 10.210,54 m2
Medical and oncology day hospital: 4.411,40 m2
Diagnosis and treatment: 13.289,70 m2
Administration and user admission: 5.325,60 m2
Facilities: 10.930,69 m2
General services: 5.280,65 m2


“Costa del Sol” Health Agency. Andalusian Ministry of Health.

Ramón Lahoz Rodríguez and Natalia López Matesanz

Ingho FM Ingeniería
BIS Structures
Clàudia Aguiló, Miguel Ángel Prieto, Gonzalo Garcia-Robledo, Carlos Diaz del Pinal